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UL Lafayette names new leaders of Picard Center

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has appointed an executive director and a director of research for the Cecil J. Picard Center for Child Development and Lifelong Learning. The research center is committed to improving the quality of life for children and families in Louisiana.

Dr. Karen Burstein has been named executive director; Dr. Paula Zeanah has been chosen as director of research.

Scientist studies evolution of 'electric organs'

Dr. James Albert jabs the exposed end of a length of coated wire into the water of a small aquarium, home of a tiny electric eel the size of pocket comb.

The associate professor of biology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette waves the metal prongs around like a wand, sending electrical impulses into a black box at the other end of the wire. The electronic box crackles like an old transistor radio searching for a signal. The popping sounds grow louder as his hand nears the eel, which emits an electric current it uses to stun prey, defend itself, navigate and communicate.

University announces appointment of vice president for Research

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has named Dr. Ramesh Kolluru as its vice president for Research.

His appointment is subject to approval by the Board of Supervisors of the University of Louisiana System.

Kolluru has served as interim vice president for the past 18 months.

“He has had many roles at the University over the years and has excelled in all of them,” said Dr. Joseph Savoie, UL Lafayette’s president.


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