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Student Research

At UL Lafayette, we believe that hands-on experience and partnering with experts provides invaluable opportunities for our students.

That's why the University offers numerous research apprenticeships and opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. We are dedicated to providing our students with experiences they need to explore their passions and promote academic excellence.

Undergraduate Research

Our programs place our best students in our research laboratories with our best professors, with focus on the hard sciences, the social sciences, and engineering. Many students publish papers and posters at academic conferences before graduation. Some get published in academic journals as co-authors with their professors.

These research programs are an excellent pathways for students to go on to graduate school.

Graduate Research

Our students are participating in extraordinary research projects—and leading them!

We strive to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of graduate students to the University and academic communities by providing them the opportunity to showcase their research, projects, and original works during Graduate Student Appreciation Week events.