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Spirit Leader

The Ragin' Cajuns have a spirit leader to promote pride.

The University has received an unbelievable response to its unique nickname and its logos with the recent success in athletics. In the College World Series in 2000, many players and fans were frequently asked, "What is a Ragin' Cajun?"

A Ragin' Cajun is not a person or an animal, but a feeling that describes our unique way of life. It describes our hot and spicy food and unique music. For this, the students picked a hot pepper as a spirit leader and named it Cayenne.

Cayenne does not replace any characters who represented the University throughout its 100-year history, but helps spread Ragin' Cajun spirit with the same passion.

Cayenne can be spotted at Ragin' Cajuns games and community events.

Want to become Cayenne? Contact michellebernard@louisiana.edu