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Public Safety

UL Lafayette Director of Public Safety Joe SturmA message from the director:

The Office of Public Safety is responsible for providing the highest quality of safety and security services through the coordinated efforts of the Police Department, Emergency Management and Emergency Operations, Parking Enforcement, Physical Security Systems (Cameras, Access Control, Emergency Call Boxes, and Emergency Notification System), Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management, and Hazardous Materials.

The focus of the Office of Public Safety is to respond to short-term concerns while developing long range strategies consistent with academic and University public safety priorities. The following departments are led by the Director of Public Safety: Police, Physical Security Systems, Environmental Health and Safety.

-Director Joey Sturm

Police Department

The UL Lafayette Police Department maintains a close working relationship with other area law enforcement agencies, other criminal justice components, and all University administrative departments. The UP is located at the center of campus and our officers maintain 24-hour patrol coverage on foot, bicycles or in motor vehicles. They respond to crimes, illnesses, fires, service calls, traffic accidents and other emergencies.

Environmental Health & Safety/Risk Management

Our Environmental Health and Safety Department Office manages the UL Lafayette Emergency Notification System (ENS), oversees our hurricane preparedness and response, and informs the campus community of health issues.

Associate Director of Public Safety Joey Pons heads the Environmental Health and Safety/Risk Management Office, which works to reduce accidents, hazards, and risk exposure by:

  • Assigning various safety responsibilities throughout the campus;
  • Inspecting and maintaining facility building safety systems;
  • Conducting safety meetings and sending brief health and safety publications to campus personnel to increase awareness and remedy unsafe conditions;
  • Providing safety training to educate people on all issues related to safety; and
  • Maintaining the All Hazards Plan for emergency management operations.

Currently, the office has on file the seventh edition of the University's Environmental Health and Safety Policy. Learn more.

Clery Compliance

Clery Compliance Coordinator Dr. Greg Zerangue is one of two associate directors of public safety. He is responsible for Clery compliance campus wide with responsibilities that include:

  • Collecting, properly classifying, and counting crime statistics based on Clery geography;
  • Reviewing each call for service and campus security authority report for ongoing disclosures (including timely warning notices, immediate notification, and a crime/fire log);
  • Identifying campus security authorities and training for all;
  • Preparing and complying with the 63 required policy statements;
  • Creating memorandums of understanding and collecting crime statistics from all local law enforcement in the four parishes where the University owns or controls property;
  • Developing and distributing the annual security report;
  • Maintaining an ongoing collection of crime statistics involving University students' travel;
  • Testing emergency response and evacuation procedures; and
  • Providing audit trails and associated documentation to adequately demonstrate compliance.