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Parking & Transportation

How will the buses to and from Cajun Field and Bourgeois Hall work?

Students who ride the buses to and from Cajun Field, Bourgeois Hall, and main campus will be required to wear a face mask or face covering. All buses will have limited seating — at most, that is 18 passengers at a time. Passengers will load and unload from the rear doors to limit exposure issues, and every other seat will be blocked to ensure social distancing.

It’s important to know that these added safety measures will make wait times for the buses longer. We encourage you to build more time into your schedule or use the on-campus paid parking spaces when possible to reduce wait times for the buses at Cajun Field (however, we understand this isn’t feasible for all students).

Will masks be required to ride the shuttles?

Masks will be required to board the shuttles to cut down on any potential exposure. Masks and gloves will be worn by the drivers to ensure the health and safety of riders.

Will there be more parking on campus so students don’t have to ride the buses?

We are working to add 200+ more paid parking spaces on campus. The Office of Transportation Services will provide maps for these additional spaces and information on contactless payment soon.