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Global & Domestic Travel

Are there any travel restrictions currently in place for students or employees?

All state-supported international travel is prohibited until further notice.

Out-of-state travel, whether by ground transportation or air, must be approved in advance by the Louisiana Commissioner of Administration and will be evaluated based on business necessity.

In-state travel is strongly discouraged and will be denied unless it is essential and there are no other means of conducting business.

These restrictions apply to new and all previously approved travel requests. All requests for the Commissioner's consideration and any questions should be emailed to purchasing@louisiana.edu.

What should I do if my approved travel needs to be cancelled?

If you have pre-approved travel in Chrome River that is to be canceled — whether it is a voluntary cancellation or one that is associated with the Coronavirus restrictions — please cancel your arrangements (airfare, hotel, registration) immediately. To do that, follow the instructions on the Chrome River Dashboard to process non-refundable expenses, expire your pre-approval, and/or delete your request.

Are international students or faculty able to travel back to their home countries?

There are no restrictions on international faculty or students currently enrolled at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette traveling back to their home countries.

However, federal restrictions may be instituted that deny or delay re-entry into the United States. Research travel restrictions before planning to travel.

For the most up-to-date travel restrictions and guidelines, please visit the CDC Information for Travel page.