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Get the latest information about UL Lafayette's continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our University Responds to COVID-19

Dear friends, 

This unprecedented public health crisis has affected everyone. The same is true at UL Lafayette. We’ve had to reimagine how to operate, how students learn, where they learn, and how we celebrate their achievements.

But one thing hasn’t changed: the desire of our students, faculty, staff and alumni to serve our community through creativity and compassion. 

The University is proud of the work they’ve done to answer the challenges posed by this global pandemic. We think you will be, too. 

Stay safe, and Geaux Cajuns!

Dr. Joseph Savoie

Ingenuity and Elbow Grease

Student volunteers and faculty researchers repurposed laminating paper and plastic — typically used in engineering and art projects — to create face shields to protect local health care workers from airborne pathogens.
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Researchers studying effects of ozone as face mask decontaminant

University empties storage rooms to help hospitals meet supply needs

A Statewide Impact

Dr. Gary Wagner's analysis showed Louisiana had the world's most rapid coronavirus growth rate. His conclusions informed statewide stay-at-home orders — and potentially saved lives.
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Model Behavior

Two professors believe mathematical modeling could offer a clearer picture of COVID-19's spread and toll. The NSF thinks so as well, and awarded the pair a $199,000 grant.
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Meeting Critical Needs

Past natural disasters have prepared the Louisiana Business Operations Center to overcome challenges to business and health care supply chains posed by COVID-19.
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Answering the Call

A website built by the Informatics Research Institute gave volunteers from across the state a place to sign up to assist health care systems and nonprofit groups.
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Nursing faculty volunteer at COVID-19 screening sites

'Heroes work here:' Supporting health care workers at local hospitals

Learning at Home

Faculty in the College of Education developed an inventive system designed to engage and teach K-12 students during the COVID-19 outbreak.
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Student's face mask-sewing project featured on 'CBS This Morning'

Livestreaming lets music student share recital with thousands

Working the Frontline

Meet the UL Lafayette alumni, students and faculty who are among the thousands of medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, and screening sites across Louisiana and the United States.
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