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Get the latest information about UL Lafayette's continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Response

Our priority is you.

We’re working to keep you safe and healthy so you can focus on learning.

All of our planning is aligned with local orders and ordinances of the City of Lafayette, the State of Louisiana’s Phased Reopening Model, and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Louisiana Department of Public Health.

We’ll update this website frequently as new information becomes available.

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Spring 2021 Highlights

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Get a COVID-19 Test On Campus icon of a COVID test swab and test tube with red liquid inside

Free, walk-up testing is available on campus from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Friday for students, faculty and staff.

A small tent is set up in front of Edith Garland Dupré Library at 400 E. St. Mary Boulevard.

  • No ID is needed for testing, but registration is required.
  • Pre-registration can be completed at Health.QuestDiagnostics.com/STLOU.
  • You will be allowed to register at the site, but expect longer wait times.
  • You must provide a phone number and email address when you get tested.

As in all places on campus, masks are required at the testing site. Signs will mark where visitors to the testing tent should stand to ensure social distancing.

Those being tested will perform nasal swabs on themselves. The process will be observed to ensure it is done correctly. Sealed samples will be dropped in a container.

  • Test results are available by phone at (866) 697-8378 or via a secure online portal or app. Sign up at MyQuest.QuestDiagnostics.com, or download the MyQuest app.
  • It is expected to take three to five days to get test results.
  • People who test positive will also be contacted by phone.

For more information, contact the LDH Region 4 Office of Public Health at (337) 262-5311.

Information for Students

Symptomatic students are reminded to complete the COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Form when told to quarantine or isolate because of exposure to COVID-19, or if they are presumed positive because of symptoms and testing.

Information for Employees

Employees who visit the testing site must complete the Daily Self-Check questionnaire before they arrive on campus. Health care personnel, and faculty and staff members who work in a health care setting, must complete the HCP self-check questionnaire before they arrive on campus.

People experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or who are under quarantine will be permitted to visit campus for testing purposes only. Quarantined or symptomatic student residents will be required to return to their assigned housing immediately after testing. All others under quarantine or experiencing symptoms will be required to leave campus immediately after testing.

Return to Campus Highlights

We've gathered a lot of information to help you with the transition back to campus. Here are the top points you should know.

  • The University will open with an adjusted academic calendar. The Spring 2021 semester will begin Jan. 13. Spring Break will be held from Friday, April 2, through Tuesday, April 6. UL Lafayette has canceled classes on April 16, designated as Lagniappe Day on campus.
  • Most classes will be blended, including an online component and some face-to-face instruction with social distancing. For more information on classes and labs, see the Information for students section of this website.
  • All faculty and staff are required to complete the daily self-check questionnaire before returning to work on campus, and may be referred for testing if the screening indicates issues or concerns.
  • Face coverings/masks are required on campus. Individuals may use their own masks and the University is providing disposable face masks to students and employees on campus.
  • Housing practices and dining services are being adjusted to meet social distancing requirements and PPE requirements. We're doing everything we can to provide students and employees a safe enviroment.
  • Events on campus require rigorous safety measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The University has developed a campus events framework that outlines how all events and attendance should be handled.