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Research is an essential part of our University. Through research, our faculty and students contribute to an ever-growing body of knowledge. But we specialize in applied research that solves real-world problems or improves people’s lives.

That’s why we’re learning to use renewable and eco-friendly materials, such as algae and sugarcane waste, as alternatives to fossil fuels. It’s why we’re developing video games that can make it easier for some children to grasp scientific and mathematical principles. And it’s why we’ve partnered with Drexel University to explore ways to quickly analyze enormous amounts of data that are produced each day.

The University’s emphasis on research directly affects the classroom because we strive to hire professors who excel at teaching and research. We look for faculty members who can’t wait to tell their classes about their latest discoveries. And we offer students the chance to gain hands-on research experience—early and often—in their fields of study.

So, it’s no wonder that UL Lafayette is among the top 200 universities in the nation in research and development funding.